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The Balancing Act - Are you tired of those vibrations that shake your glareshield?  Want less noise in your cockpit? Check out our Tech Corner for answers to these issues and many others...

Fuel Flows Where? - If you own a high performance aircraft, chances are it is fuel injected and possibly turbo charged.  Is your fuel system set up for optimum performance and economy?  Are your engine instruments showing you accurately what is happening under that engine cowl?

Cool Factor - Check out Garmin's New G1000 Panel!


Welcome to Legacy Air
Whether your aircraft is 25 years old or brand new, Legacy Air is ready to help you keep it running efficiently and safely for years to come.  Your safety is our number one priority!!!  We are one of the most technologically advanced service centers in the Country!
Combine that with the fact that we love what we do, and you'll see why a growing number of Front Range aircraft owners wouldn't take their baby anywhere else... more
Essential Inspections
50 Hour Inspection-
Things you should know...

Annual/100 Hour Inspection - Things you should know...

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Legacy Air Opens state-of-
the-art Cessna service center at JEFFCO Airport in Broomfield.

Proudly Servicing Cessna

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